Few new pics…. not super happy with them (turned out way too bright, for one thing) but figured I’d put ‘em up anyways. Plus one of the tops for good measure! Hopefully some better pics coming soon.

Hit me up!

Had a few questions in my inbox asking for my screennames on messenger services, so figured I’d just throw them all out there!

Yahoo: bareticklishfeet@yahoo.com

AIM: bareticklishfeet

Skype (I’m rarely on here, but would be good to build up a buddy list anyways. And don’t ask me to cam all the time please, lol): bareticklishfeet@yahoo.com

What’s up, everybody?

Hey guys, figured since I’ve got the next couple days off and I haven’t been on Tumblr for a while, I’d get in touch. I wanna get to know some of you who i haven’t met yet, so since I’m around all day, feel free to say hi, ask me anything, maybe even roleplay a bit if you want! Looking forward to hearing from some of you, feel free to drop me a line!

Just felt like snapping a quick shot….been a while since i had a shot of the tops, but i couldn’t resist sneaking a sole in :P

Just felt like snapping a quick shot….been a while since i had a shot of the tops, but i couldn’t resist sneaking a sole in :P


texascowboyfeet asked: Hey man .... Love your blog .... Your feet look amazing. What size are they?

Thank you, glad to hear you’re enjoying them! They’re about a size 8.5.


Anonymous asked: What intrigues you about the idea of giving a footjob, or at the least, why are you so willing to give one?

Hmm, tough question to answer….i guess it’s kinda hard to narrow it down, I’m just interested in pretty much everything about it!


thomasmcdonough321 asked: Hi there, first off I want to tell you that you have very sexy feet. I am a sole loving guy and your are just so hot. I do like to tickle a pair of sensitive soles, but what really turns me on is massaging, licking and sucking toes. All of which I can do for hours. After looking at your blog I was do turned on I started jacking my cock and just edging myself close to shooting my load. I look forward to seeing more pics of your sexy soles.

Thank you very much! Glad to hear you’re enjoying them, and there will definitely be more to come ;)

Just a couple new pics…nothing too special, but figured it was time to take some :P


bigsaucy asked: You have a great set of pics and some are more provocative than others. You're straight but have you ever given a footjob and if you haven't would you consider it?

Glad you’re enjoying the pics! Never have given one…but I have considered it, and definitely would!


Anonymous asked: Do you rp with guys?

I do! :)